Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trusting God is Hard Work


When you say out of your mouth that you will trust God, it takes some serious work. Too many times we get the art of trusting God confused with simply trusting him. Let me clear this up. Trusting God means you must do your part as well. What area are you trusting him in and what are you trusting him to do? Yes, there are specific requirements for specific areas. 

Trusting God to me simply means I must also do my part. God will move according to your faith and your actions. A lot of faith and no action can get you exactly what you asked for, no results. You cannot trust God to bless you with a new job and your are not making yourself available for interviews and having your resume prepared for review.

We miss the boat most times because we are not ready. Yes, most times we are not ready for what we've prayed for. Trusting God means trusting he will do as he has already promised us in his word. But now our part is to make sure we are ready when the results of our trusting shows up. Are we truly preparing ourselves to be ready or are we sitting back complaining? Are we being productive in our preparation or are we doing nothing. This is what commonly happens when people say they're waiting on God, but really and truly God is waiting on them. 

Don't miss the boat. Trust God with all your heart and soul but don't hesitate to be prepared for the results. As a blogger, publishing consultant and photographer, I am always preparing myself for the days when my results show up.  It takes me trusting God through all of the social media marketing, live streaming, blogging and all. Yes, its a lot to keep up with but i know its necessary for where I am going. 

Take this blog and implement these things and I guarantee you will see results.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018



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Thursday, February 1, 2018


Embracing Your Greatness

There is an inner greatness inside all of us. The problem is that we tend to focus more on the negative because either people remind us of it or we are too critical of ourselves. The truth is that if we just took a moment and examined what is special about ourselves, we would find more greatness than one may think. Once you find this greatness, you must embrace it and never let it go. This is how you will find true happiness and motivation to move forward in your life in a positive way.
You might be saying to yourself, “What is so great about me? I’m nothing great or special.” Everybody has something great inside of them, whether they know it or not. Just the fact that you want to embrace your greatness means that you want to take a positive action in your life. That is great because it shows that you have the motivation to accomplish great things and to be somebody that yourself and others can be proud of. Just keep that positive energy inside of you and let it guide you in every action and decision that you make in your life from here on out.  

It doesn’t matter what kind of life you’ve lived up until this point or what bad things you may have done in the past. What matters is what you can do in the present to create a brighter future that is filled with happiness and accomplishment. That is what personal development is all about. It is the ability to let go of the negativity and focus on the positivity so that you can become a better and more productive person. Everyone has this ability inside of them. They just need to embrace it and accept that they can change. If anybody else tells you that you cannot change or be great, then walk away from that person and try to surround yourself with new people who believe in your greatness.

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Tiffany A Green
Blogger & Entreprenuer 


The Beautiful Boss – Power With a Heart

Slowly but surely, the world is learning to accept that power knows no gender. With this, more empowered women are finding their way to the top – in politics, in business, and many other fields that used to be male-dominated. With such development, women still need to work hard to stay on top. To do this, they need to strive for continuous improvement which includes fueling women’s hunger for success and excellence with motivation. This is exactly what you will find in The Beautiful Boss. It understands your needs, your frustrations, hindrances that you face, and offer solutions and positivity so you can get over all of it.

More and more women are also speaking their minds out and releasing their creativity for others to witness their masterpieces. More and more women are writing best sellers but with their number, the number of women who were ripped off by the wrong publishers also increases. Therefore, women who write with their hearts need to be wise in choosing their publisher to get what they truly deserve.

The Beautiful Boss guides and assists women towards success in writing with contents such as “Think Outside the Box” which celebrates uniqueness and tells women how to take advantage of their difference from others, “You are your only limit” which encourages women to believe the small voice of hope in their heart, and “Loving Life is a Choice” which persuades women to choose happiness.

Although there are many women who have excellent ideas for their books or for their business, what usually discourages them is that they do not know how to get started. Therefore, they need guidance from those with established brands to walk them through the recommended processes. With the right brand, women will be able to maximize their talents and their skills. They will also avoid confusion and frustration.

The brand “The Beautiful Boss” is perfect for writers, for entrepreneurs, and for all women professionals including those who dream of being one. It is full of excellent ideas and mind and heart enriching content that will help you in making the right decisions.

The Beautiful Boss is under the umbrella of Tiffany the Brand which offers different kinds of services namely publishing, branding, and photography. Tiffany offers different options, so women can choose according to their needs and preferences. Writers can self-publish with the DIY package or they can avail of the full package. No matter which one they choose, they will still get their full royalties as they establish their spot as a published author. They can also order and purchase graphics that they need such as cover page for their social media accounts, business card design, flyers, and more.

Some of the most popular Tiffany books are Enjoy Living Authentically You by Tiffany A. Green, Just Do It and The Love Notes by Mario Givens.

A toast to The Beautiful Boss for keeping women on top!

Tiffany A Green
Blogger & Entreprenuer

Tuesday, January 30, 2018



In anything you do should be done in uniqueness. Anytime I decide to start a new business or new brand the one thing I aim for is uniqueness. When you diminish your originality, it waters down who you truly are. To many people are copying ideas they see popular brands launch. They say what you don't know wont hurt you I totally disagree.

What you don't know will hurt you. It's simple, when you don't know that its okay to look different and be creative it will hold you back from being successful. Your creative mind is what makes up you. Its what sets you apart from every other human in the world.
You should never want to not be who you are. The uniqueness of you is what the world is waiting on.

When you are creating or building a brand know that people want to see the original you. People buy who you are not who you pretend to be. Being who you are is key when building relationships with your target market. I always say its too hard for me to be someone else. 

Eventually I learned to simply enjoy being me, its easier and its simple. Once you know who you are and who you are born to be it gets easier, it turns into wonderful. My life became wonderful when I chose to enjoy who I was without all the extra. 

I wake up with joy and happiness. Just to know the you who God created is awesome and amazing and guess what?, There is only one of you. There are no duplicates. Work the original you until you have no more life left.

Be blessed and enjoy the life God has given you.

Tiffany Green
Blogger & Entreprenuer

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


A lot of people think that you have to actually PURCHASE from an entrepreneur to support them. Not true...there’s many free ways to support us. Here’s how:

1. Share a post from social media. This helps us to reach wayyy more people by opening up your network. 

2. Like or comment on a post. This lets us know you’re watching. 

3. Refer clients to us. This helps contribute to our vision.

4. Send us a positive message. Entrepreneurship is hard. It has its ups and downs. Hearing positive words and encouragement can be just what we need. 

5. Come out to events. It feels good to see a familiar face in a room full of strangers. 

6. Inquire about our business. It may not be what you’re looking to do, but it feels good to know you take a genuine interest in our passion. 

7. Don’t knock it. The world is already negative enough...besides, we (entrepreneurs) always seem a little crazy to those who don’t see what we see. 

8. Donate items that may help. It’s expensive to start and run a business. Something you may consider “junk” may be just what we need. 

9. Be kind...ALWAYS....just be kind. Your words are powerful. 

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Credit: Madison Ashley

Tuesday, January 16, 2018



Your limits start with you, yes you, your mouth and your mind limit your actions all day kind. When you verbally announce what u can and cannot do, you are creating limitation after limitation over your life....Learn how to speak good things over your life and your are some tips to help you....
1. Determine your objective in your personal life and or business. Are you planning to fail or succeed?
2. Create tasks to work toward your goals and to things you need to complete them.
3.Surround yourself with like minds who are doing the same. Remove negative people and things from your life.
4. Create the vision and stick to it like your life depends on it.
I hope these can be of assistance in your journey......
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