Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trusting God is Hard Work


When you say out of your mouth that you will trust God, it takes some serious work. Too many times we get the art of trusting God confused with simply trusting him. Let me clear this up. Trusting God means you must do your part as well. What area are you trusting him in and what are you trusting him to do? Yes, there are specific requirements for specific areas. 

Trusting God to me simply means I must also do my part. God will move according to your faith and your actions. A lot of faith and no action can get you exactly what you asked for, no results. You cannot trust God to bless you with a new job and your are not making yourself available for interviews and having your resume prepared for review.

We miss the boat most times because we are not ready. Yes, most times we are not ready for what we've prayed for. Trusting God means trusting he will do as he has already promised us in his word. But now our part is to make sure we are ready when the results of our trusting shows up. Are we truly preparing ourselves to be ready or are we sitting back complaining? Are we being productive in our preparation or are we doing nothing. This is what commonly happens when people say they're waiting on God, but really and truly God is waiting on them. 

Don't miss the boat. Trust God with all your heart and soul but don't hesitate to be prepared for the results. As a blogger, publishing consultant and photographer, I am always preparing myself for the days when my results show up.  It takes me trusting God through all of the social media marketing, live streaming, blogging and all. Yes, its a lot to keep up with but i know its necessary for where I am going. 

Take this blog and implement these things and I guarantee you will see results.

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